Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming soon (Updated 2010/08/23)

This is the cover of my forthcoming book Yes, We Did Go to the Moon. As the blurb says, finally there's a no-nonsense, fact-filled book that debunks ”moon hoax” claims. It's suitable for doubters (to dispel their doubts) and space enthusiasts (who will find all the technically accurate answers to the question of their doubtful friends).

It's based on my Italian-language book on the subject. As soon as it's ready, it will be available as a free digital download and on sale as hardcopy via

Here's a preview of the first draft of the initial chapters. You can download the PDF from (free registration required). Comments and corrections, as well as donations to encourage me to finish writing this book are, of course, most welcome.


The project has been renamed Moon Hoax Debunked and is now being developed at